2 Weeks and Counting

Welcome back to the blog guys! Today is a milestone of sorts for us, as we have officially reached the 2 week mark on our “sabbatical”. Although 2 weeks doesn’t sound like much, to me it feels as if months have passed, and already the names of the day of the week are forgotten, and […]

Siapa Yang Kentut

Well it happened… Taylor got sick. Thank god it was just a bad cold, but he was out for the count for our adventure to Ubud. I ended up going to Ubud with our friend from the UK, Jamie. He has been staying at our hotel for around a month, sorting out visa stuff in […]

The Plan

Many people have asked me where I plan to travel on this trip, and most of the time my response has simply been “Bali” or “I don’t know”, since we haven’t had any real concrete plans in place besides a flight to Bali. To make up for my poor responses to all my friends, family, […]

Uluwatu Temple

As each day passes we are getting more and more comfortable with life abroad. We decided rent mopeds (everyone over here calls them motor bikes), and that was probably the best decision we have made on this whole trip. That decision gave us the freedom to explore where we want when we want. After about […]

Renting motorbikes on Bali (please don’t read this Mom)

Hey everybody, hope you’re doing well today wherever you might be reading this from, and thanks for stopping by the blog! Mom, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say. Renting motorbikes in Bali has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is the only way you can truly experience the chaos […]

First Impressions…

Overwhelming would be a understatement for our first day here in Bali. After 22.5 hours of travel, all I wanted to find was a nice relaxing meal and maybe a beer. We were eventually able to find food and a beer, but doing so was a bit more effort than expected. We landed in Bali […]

Lessons from day 1

After 22 1/2 hours of flying, layovers, and questionable in flight meals, AJ and I have finally arrived in the madness of Kuta, Bali. The only route from Seattle to Bali is a 1 AM redeye, once a week on Monday, so at 10:30 Sunday night, instead of getting ready for work the next day, […]

What do you bring on a trip around the world?

A friend once told me that when packing for Asia, you have to remember three things: pack as light as possible, don’t pack anything you aren’t prepared to see get destroyed or stolen, and don’t worry about trying to fit every last thing in your pack, because¬†for the most part, anything you don’t have you […]