Where to Buy Trekking Gear in New Delhi

If you are attempting to trek in Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, or Uttarakhand chances are your going to be stopping in New Delhi. Below are a list of options on where to buy trekking gear in New Delhi. All the options provide affordable and high quality gear. The prices of these vary from inexpensive to western prices. […]

Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi Motorcycle Route

Below is our entire ride we took on our one-month Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi Motorcycle route. I have included a list and a short description of our top 10 destinations, activities, and roads in Vietnam. This list can also be found on the map below. To view a larger version of the map click […]

A Review of Indonesian Transportaion

In a country of bemos, ojeks, negotiable prices, and ever-changing timetables, determining the quickest and cheapest method of transportation can be quite a challenge. If you read on a seemingly official website or bulletin that a bus is to depart at a particular time, this is no guarantee of being accurate or of there being […]

How to Make an Affordable Slackline in Ho Chi Minh City

As backpackers, our goal was to travel as light and as cheap as possible. Once we purchased motorcycles in Vietnam we were able to carry more items with us, one of those items being an affordable slackline. Below is a step by step guide directing you where and how to buy the materials for a […]